Tuesday, June 22, 2010


These are just a few of the fun things we have been up to lately. The whole Molina clan (including two future brother-in-laws) had a fun night out bowling. We all get a little competitive at any sport we participate in and bowling is no exception. It was fun for not just us adults but the kids always enjoy going too.

Then, David and the boys got to go on a quick over night camping trip for the Spanish Branch's Priesthood Commemoration activity. When it is just the "boys" having any sort of order for things is out the window. The three of them set up their sleeping bags in the back of David's truck, put a tarp over the rack, slept in their dirty, smokey clothes and called it good. I cringe just thinking about it. They had a fun time and even had a chance to meet a nice police officer and his drug dog that put on a little show for everyone.

So, our very cold, rainy & windy spring has only allowed for a few fun activities but it seems to be looking up weather wise which might allow for some more fun summer activities. Our fingers are crossed!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Winding down

Well the wrestling season is almost coming to an end. We just had the tournament that Minico hosts, and it was a fun one to see. Ian has apparently been eating well since the last tournament, because he had gained 1.3 pounds, which qualified him for a larger weight class. So we were sure he would have a tough time with the bigger and older kids he would have to wrestle. We were so proud of him and his work that he put in. He had to fight so many times from his back to get out and eventually win the match. At the end of the day he ended up in third place with a bronze metal. He is just loving this sport, and really likes his coach. He is already looking forward to the last tournament this weekend.
Here is Ian with Coach Stimpson

Being that the kids were a little bigger and older, we noticed that he displayed a little more of the things that he has learned, rather than just muscling guys to their backs. Here is Ian and Tarrel, the kid that took 2nd place. You can really see the difference in size in this picture. The thing that was really neat about this tournament is that there were lots of Minico kids taking home the metals.

Here is Ian showing off his nose plug. His coach told him, "Now you are a true wrestler finishing a match with a bloody nose." By the way he did win this match!

Better Late Than Never

Happy (late) Easter! We have been so busy and have had a tough time keeping up with everything, so here it is. For Easter, we had connections with the Easter Bunny, then had a great time painting eggs with some good friends, then off to the Molina's house for the traditional hunt where the boys got plenty of candy, and finished the weekend opening up bags from G-ma and G-pa Koyle. Thanks everybody for making it a great holiday!

Saturday, April 3, 2010


For a long time now the boys have wanted to pull out their "sticky noodles". They got them for a gift a while back, and we have just let them sit on the shelf for this long. We pulled them out the other day and they enjoyed and got creative. The way these things work is you dab the noodle on a wet sponge and stick it to another noodle. They are pretty neat and the boys loved them. Ian made some Ninja Turtle swords and a rocket, Greyson made a sword and necklace. David helped them make a hat and frisbee. I think David had as much fun as the boys did.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Double Champion!!

This last weekend we took Ian to the Snake River Wrestling Tournament. We had hoped that he would enjoy himself with the sport, and do well so that he would have a good experience and have the desire to continue with wrestling. Well so far he has surpassed our expectations. In his short career he has now won 9 of 10 matches. At Snake River he wrestled in two different styles of tournaments, there were kids from Bonneville, Blackfoot, Teton, Idaho Falls, Pocatello, and other schools in Eastern Idaho. In both tournaments he wrestled his way to the top to earn 1st place.

Here is Ian in action. We are so proud of his hard work that he has put into wrestling. Its been kinda funny to watch him sometimes because he is usually smiling, in fact, his coach has already named him "Smiley". Check out this video to see what I mean about "Smiley". Click here for Ian Pins Video

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Match #2

Here is Ian's second match from the other night, sorry I didn't get them all posted together. I wish I would have got the first match because he pinned the kid, and this match he won by points. I apologize for footage, but you could understand how difficult it is to try to watch, cheer, and record all at the same time, when it is your kid wrestling. Enjoy!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wrestle Mania!!

Thursday night in Declo, Ian had his very first wrestling tournament. It was so much fun to watch him wrestle and see him gain more confidence with each match. He came away from the tournament with a SILVER medal and boy is he proud of it. They had it set up that each kid (girl or boy) would have four matches. He had 3 wins and 1 loss but took it very well even though it was to a girl. She was a feisty one and before the match David told Ian that she was going to be pretty tough. It was funny cuz after the match was done he told David, "You were right dad, she was tough".
We are so proud of Ian for wrestling hard and doing the best he could. My hesitation at first has now turned into competitiveness and I find myself down on the edge of the mat cheering him on and moving my body in the way he needs to move his. What can I say...it's in my blood. This wrestling experience, I think, is going to be GREAT!!